John J. Nickles, Jr. joined the family real estate business in 1995. While working for his grandmother, Grace R. Lewis, in his formative years – managing the family rental property instilled in him a love and respect for working with family real estate. John brings with him a strong sense of protecting the rights of private property owners in the best interests of the residents of Southold Town. A founding member and past president of the Southold Business Alliance, John created the FAIR Growth Management Plan as a viable alternative to 5-Acre Up-zoning in 2003 that threatened the business of farming in Southold Town. As a result of John’s involvement with Southold Town community issues, he offers a perspective that is invaluable to private property owners that may or may not be aware of town code or planning initiatives that could impact their real estate in the near future. Additionally, Lewis & Nickles Ltd. has a reliable network of local professionals that understand most every aspect of the ownership and legal use of private property in Southold Town. John also brings with him a passion for all markets. He provides the most complete market analysis utilizing historical sales data and data from current listings as a measure of the overall health of any particular segment of the market place. This research and analysis provides every client with the correct pricing strategy having the highest probability of achieving the best price and terms possible in the shortest amount of time. John J. Nickles, Jr. is proud to follow in the footsteps of Grace R. Lewis and John J. Nickles in a long family tradition of community involvement, real estate sales, consulting, marketing and market analysis at Lewis & Nickles, Ltd. Since 1934, still the oldest family real estate firm on the North Fork.


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